Sunday, August 22, 2004

Welcome to a byliner's blog

Welcome to yet another blog, but it's just an experiment in expanding my own communications. I don't intend it to bring fame, infamy or fortune, but two out of three wouldn't be bad. I don't envy the blogs that have ended up in news stories. Notoriety I don't need.

If you found this blog already, you searched effectively for a new blog or you stumbled upon it while searching for something else. I'd like to know how you found it and why you searched for it. I also would welcome =friendly= comments on how to improve this blog.. Spam will be and has been deleted.

I often find information I didn't expect while searching for something else; that's one of the wonders of the Internet and the Web. On this blog, however, I found I don't have much more to say. That may change after I read more about blogs, but I don't have much hope for that.

You may know that blogs are improvements over e-mail lists, where people write messages to one another about various topics. These e-mail lists varied widely in their usefulness, but most of them communicated ideas well among people who shared the same interests.

A blog adds the graphic dimension to plain text, but it can reach a larger audience. There are no real guarantees in life, or in blogging, however.