Saturday, January 12, 2008

Returning to the fray

Starting this blog with an opening message, I soon found I had nothing more to say. People who know me would be surprised to read that, especially because I'm not known for reticence.

After all my years in "the media," both print and broadcast, I've been encouraged to speak up, but I've also learned to curb my thoughts. It's sort of like the sage suggestion to write the letter but don't send it.

By restarting this blog -- or trying again to get it started -- I hope to learn more how to blog effectively. Soon after I started this blog, I attended a series of discussions and programs on blogs in Washington, D.C.: for example, a program of the D.C. chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and a panel discussion at the Goethe Institut (one panelist wasn't in the country; he participated from Germany by Skype).

Related to my first message, I ask anyone who reads this message to describe how they use blogs, either their own or reading others, and how I might make this blog interesting to read, informative and effective. How did you find this blog? What were you looking for when you found it? How much time do you spend with blogs? What are some of the best blogs for you to read?

Others may use their blogs just to post their comments about various issues, but they also don't get any reaction. My opening message on this blog did get a solitary, friendly comment. I've read many blogs that serve a useful purpose, and I'd like to make this blog worthwhile for me and for its audience.

Your constructive, amicable thoughts are welcome. SPAM is not welcome. If it gets through, it will be deleted ... unread.